About me

Ibraheem Alhashim
Update: I am now working as a Senior Research Scientist at NCAI .
I am an AI researcher and consultant. I was a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Visual Computing Center at KAUST working with Prof. Peter Wonka. I have obtained my PhD (2016) at the School of Computing Science at the Simon Fraser University under the supervision of Prof. Hao Zhang. During both my master and PhD I was working at the GrUVi Lab. I have received the Alain Fournier Award for best doctoral dissertation in computer graphics (March, 2016).

Research Topics

Deep learning; Depth estimation; Colorization; 3D reconstruction; 3D shape creation; Shape blending; Correspondence; Geometric modeling; Shape deformations; Texture and geometry synthesis; Fabrication.



ibraheem.alhashim [at] gmail [dot] com, phone (+966) 540 - 909 - 728